This weekend, I wanted to celebrate some small wins. That’s what I’ll call them for now in my current context.

  1. House pre-approval. I’m hoping to buy something really soon, just shy of my birthday.
  2. Recognition – one of my seniors comended me for the good work I had done so far. I’ve appreciated the good compliments and recognition (given the tough situation its been since March through to now). I hope to remember this during the harder days to come.
  3. Career progression – I’ve done a few more substantive appearances so far and have been given more responsibility for which I’m grateful. I’ve done about 9 months now, so things are going good. I’m just shy of 3 years PQE and hope to be with the firm until I reach at least 6 years PQE.

This weekend has been somewhat busy with Te Hunga Roia zui a tau taking up most of my Saturday and me needing to do some work today, but I hope to carve out some time this week if not next weekend to look at my end of year schedule and road trip (pending no more community transmission re Covid – otherwise, it’ll just be nature visits and no man-made attractions, hopefully less crowds but I doubt it).