Since Covid stopped my international travel plans indefinitely, I created a ~6 day North Island trip itinerary instead that I plan on doing this summer for my 30th gift to myself.

I’ve initially planned to do this by myself. I’m still tossing that up at the moment. It’s confronting going alone because of some thought patterns I want to confront but I also want the challenge – despite this year being challenging enough already.

On this trip I want to:

  1. Reflect on the experiences I had in my 20s and do some intention setting/vision building for my 30s alongside
  2. Work through a mindset and soul shift by making my way through a few good books and podcasts
  3. Visit places I always wanted to visit around the North Island with my ‘ei and take snaps at all these places
  4. Catch sunrises across the East Coast and sunsets across the West Coast
  5. Ask the locals for where the best food and spots are (get that insider knowledge)
  6. Get away from technology, social media and deepen my relationships with friends or make new ones.

I would have organise to go earlier but this is my first year in my role and I definitely wanted to spend time with my family for Christmas and early new year. I knew it would be a crazy year of learning, working and growth – especially through what I thought was a nightmarish 2020 for different parts. And I deserved to treat myself and experience parts of Aotearoa that I haven’t before. The activities and experiences I wanted to have included: the country (including the Crime museum). 

  • Hiking around some beautiful maunga, awa and moana (at least 1 a day!)
  • Museums and historical spots 
  • Trying the thermal pools and hot baths around New Zealand
  • Visit some local (and low cost cause I just bought the house!) attractions

I’ve budgeted around $1000 towards my total trip in the following way:

  • ~$40 gas for travel per day (I used this nifty website to get an average cost) – I made the decision to take a car because I wanted the freedom to leave and go places that I wanted to when I wanted to
  • ~$100 for food (I budgeted based on me making a lot of my own meals)
  • ~$400 for accommodation – I factored in mixing up my accommodation with dorm rooms and crashing with some friends and/or family for the night along the way.
  • ~$200 for activities including tours (I used or grabone etc. for last minute activities)

That was the maximum I was willing to spend for a trip from Auckland down to Wellington. I plan on doing the South Island at a later time.